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Search Engine Optimization Secrets for Success

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Seven Search Engine Optimization
Secrets to Success

by Jeff Richards

Why not market your services and products to the people already out there searching for them on the Internet?  Don't just let your web site sit there.  It can be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

February, 2004
(and still true today!)

American Marketing Association reports:

  • Google's search algorithms power 80% of all Web search queries, making high ranking Google listings a marketer's dream.
  • Where else can you reach 80% penetration to highly qualified prospects at zero cost per click? 
  • Natural listings in Google deliver millions in sales to some of the Web's savviest retailers
  • Most web sites are not properly designed to reach their market.

More Than Sixteen Factors Enhance
or Detract from Search Engine Optimization Success. 
Those that follow are some of the more important areas to consider when trying to drive visitors to your web site.

Effective Meta Tags are significant to getting the most out of your search-engine registrations. Meta tags provide search engines with information about the content and purpose of a web site, as well as the summaries that web visitors see when they use a search engine.


Understanding Your Business including geographically where your customers are coming from, their economic status, their age, sex, interests ...these factors are all vitally important.  What are the most profitable areas of your business that should get the most attention?  Does your business have any specific market niches?


The Importance of Relevant Web Site Content  is vital to search engine optimization success.  Valuable content also tends to get passed around and will give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your web site and remember your business.


Focused Content in Search Engine Friendly Format  by using the most popular word and related word terminology that people are currently searching for on the Internet. Also every search engine is a bit different, but by following general principles and rules, your web site can rise above the crowd.  Most search engines will ignore your site or penalize it for not following general rules.


Regular Search Engine Submissions are important but are not the key to getting a high profile on the web.  And there are only a limited number of major search engines that are vitally important, not 300 or more like you see in advertisements.  You don't need to pay special registration fees or expensive sponsorhip fees to get high on their list.


Time On The Web is important, but not much is actually needed to start getting valuable results. Search engines get thousands of requests for registration every day. Regarding processing search engine requests, some search engines are weeks and perhaps some by months. But there are many other ways to get you immediate attention.


Association by having links to your web site provide a number of powerful benefits, that are especially important if you are expecting national attention.  How many do you need?  Well, some of the best performing web sites have more than 1000 relevant links to them.


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Low-cost reprint rights for E-Marketing and other purposes

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