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Forty-Five Reasons to Send a News Release

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Forty-Five Reasons to Send a News Release

       by Jeff Richards

One of the most common questions about Public Relations is, "Why would anyone want to feature anything about my business in the news?"  Determining your own angle to get attention by the media is one of the many principles for Public Relations success. 
This quick reference list will help your creativity toward determining yours:
  1. To create visibility for a person, product, event or idea
  2. Announce an upcoming Public Event
  3. An award or grant you are giving
  4. Awards  you have received or will be receiving
  5. A grant you have received or will be receiving
  6. An industry  award or commendations
  7. A new product or service offering
  8. Company expansion or a new alliance
  9. Business anniversary
  10. Promotion of an employee
  11. Recognition of an employee
  12. Appointment to a board or committee
  13. Contribution, sponsoring or alliance with a charity
  14. Fundraising announcement or event
  15. Contest you are sponsoring
  16. Position on a controversial topic
  17. Expanded hours of business
  18. Free classes, workshops, events
  19. Almost-free classes, workshops, events
  20. Interesting classes, workshops, events regardless of price
  21. Free offer of any kind
  22. Free information
  23. A book or article that gives you or your company recognition
  24. A change of business structure, such as an incorporation
  25. A business merger or acquisition
  26. A purchase of business property or signing of a business lease
  27. A guest speaker you are hosting
  28. A change of business address
  29. New industry programs you will be participating in
  30. A special event you will participate in, out of state or out of  country
  31. A name change for your business
  32. A big contract your company secured
  33. Announcements of new employees who have significance in the community or in your industry.
  34. A business open house event
  35. Any association with a celebrity or public figure
  36. A product recall
  37. A television or media appearance of any kind
  38. A public stock offering
  39. An industry opinion about a trend
  40. A new publication now available or a change to an existing one
  41. Retirement of a long-time employee
  42. Research that you are conducting
  43. A new website or new web services on the net
  44. A business event that ties in to a holiday
  45. New services for any minority group such as handicapped, etc.

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