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Business Planning

Statistics show that most businesses fail within the first two years.

For the average person, business success takes planning, creativity, focus, adaptability and commitment. 

Business Planning 
  • Expedite success by maintaining focus.
  • Hold you and your staff accountable for results.
  • Reduce expenses and increase profits. 
  • Reduce your risk of business failure. 
  • Attract investors and raise capital.
  • Identify new opportunities for products and services.
  • Increase market share.
  • Assist in company branding.
  • Identify problems before they escalate.

Most Businesses with Any Employees Need:

  • A Vision/Mission Statement
  • A Human Resource Program and Manual
  • Operating Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  • Projected Sales & Profit and Loss Objectives
  • Monthly Cash Flow & Balance Sheet Statements
  • An Up-to-Date Business Break-Even Analysis
  • Up-to-Date Business Goals
  • Marketing & Advertising Plan and Budget

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"A dream without a plan is just a desire.  And everyone has those."
      -Jeff Richards

Effective Goals that Drive Success are:

  • Specific in written format, yet easy to remember.
  • Structured in a positive format.
  • Measurable with specific timelines.
  • Realistic, controllable and attainable.
  • Meaningful and relevant to those who will execute them.
  • Provide emotional satisfaction to those who will achieve them.
  • Reviewed often and are broken down into easy tasks.

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Important Goal Categories for Most Businesses of Almost Any Size

  • People Development
  • Operations & Customer Care
  • Sales & Sales Growth
  • Profitability & Cash Flow
  • Administration

Most Small Businesses Need:

A Good Business Name

A Good Advertising Slogan

Professional Business Cards

Ongoing, Effective Business Marketing/Advertising

Do-It-Yourself Public Relations

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