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"When determining how to reach your customers keep in mind that the majority of the country operates and relates at a twelfth grade level of education."
       ~Jeff Richards

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Business Name Fundamentals

A Simple Strategy for Business Name Success


Marketing starts right here.  This opportunity to reach your audience in a single bound can contribute to your success or impede it.  This is your chance to stand above the competition or join the crowd.  It is your chance to announce your distinctive brand identity and act as a directory to your specific customer.  This report identifies essentials for every great business name with various tips for success.

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with Business Cards that Get Attention


Report with tips for business success from one of the most neglected marketing tools.  How many opportunities have you missed?  This report is complete with contact information for inexpensive professional resources.

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Seven Search Engine Optimization Secrets to Success
Why not market your services and products to the people already out there searching for them on the Internet?  Don't just let your web site sit there.  It can be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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For Average People

What makes a successful negotiation? 
You not only get what you wanted in the first place, but the person giving it to you is enthusiastic because the result benefits them too.  Both of you feel a sense of accomplishment that you were each treated fairly in the process.  The integrity of both parties is comfortable enough to want to deal with each other again.  And there is a sense of security that both parties will indeed keep their word.  This report is filled with tips and ideas that the average person can use everyday.

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Forty-Five Reasons to Send a News Release
The most common question we get about Public Relations is, "Why would anyone want to feature anything about my business in the news?"  Determining an angle to get attention by the media is one of the many principles for Public Relations success.  This quick reference list will help your creativity toward determining yours.

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Fundamentals of Media Marketing

"It is not uncommon for one well done press release that is properly executed, delivered and timely followed up to 10-20 news sources to yield 2-3 feature stories." 

       -Jeff Richards, Creative Business Adventures


Media sources, even the local ones, can receive hundreds of Press Releases and PR kits a day and national sources can receive thousands of requests each month. The competition is fierce, but that should not deter you from this great, low-cost marketing strategy.  If your press release or kit is opened at all, at most, you have two to three seconds to capture the attention of the reader and convince them that your story would interest their audience.


Even for a small business in a small town, there are often ten to twenty media sources that might be interested in featuring your story.  And whether you are a home-based business or a large company, there are media opportunities available that far outweigh the cost and results you can get from traditional advertising.


So the question is would you do this?  Follow these simple steps and your company success rate will increase dramatically.

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Without Going to the Cleaners
Leasing space for your business can be an intimidating experience. For business people taking this step for the first time, this commitment takes a tremendous amount of confidence that can be likened to jumping off a cliff.  You will always be asked to personally guarantee so no matter how much other protection you have set up, such as incorporating your business, etc., you will still have a lot to consider.  Here are some tips for making the process as painless as possible.

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Innovative Marketing Opportunities for Your Product or Service
Whether you have a service or product-oriented business, business expos and fairs of all sorts represent a great opportunity to strut your stuff.  However, be selective to get the most bang for your buck.  Do your homework and ask some simple questions before you sign up, and think about the answers and how it relates to what you are trying to promote.  The fee you pay should be relative to how much you will realistically sell or how many new customers it will potentially bring you. This report is full of ideas to help you get the most out of your experience.

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With a Sales Strategy that Works
If you want your business to grow, then contacting potential prospects is part of the process.  For most people this is an intimidating process that is as inviting as its name.  This report contains a collection of tips for making the strategy work with the least amount of anguish.

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Skills Everyone Should Know
It is not uncommon for the owners of start up businesses to balance both a full time career while also running their business.  When times are tough, finding the best job can be critical for your business success, but challenging.  Here are tips to make it easier.

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